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Mecenate 90 is a non-profit association set up in 1990 to encourage collaboration between the public and private sectors in the enhancement and management of cultural heritage and the promotion of cultural tourism.

Among its main activities, Mecenate 90 undertakes research, planning and project development for the enhancement of cultural heritage, to increase its economic value and its capacity to influence the socio-economic development of the territory concerned.

Mecenate 90 specializes in carrying out feasibility studies to identify management models applicable to cultural property, the creation of integrated projects for the development of cultural tourism in areas on a provincial and sub-provincial scale (integrated area plans, local tourism systems, cultural districts etc.), and in the development of strategic plans for the development of tourism in art cities.

In the context of these activities, undertaken mainly on behalf of municipal and provincial governments and state-run superintendencies, Mecenate 90, in addition to carrying out genuine research, provides support and technical assistance services for processes of cooperation and partnership on a local level. It also undertakes feasibility studies for the development of systems to manage museum and entertainment resources on a provincial level.

It also carries out training and publishing activities, plans and organizes conferences, seminars and cultural events.
Mecenate 90 | Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 21 - 00186 Roma | Tel. 06/6785815 - Fax. 06/6781041 | E-mail: m90@mecenate90.it